How to Choose a Treatment Provider

Everyone deserves treatment. Everyone deserves recovery

Recovery takes courage and hard work. The support of a team of eating disorder specialists can facilitate this process. On your team, you will have a primary therapist for psychotherapy, a nutritionist to address your nutrition needs and concerns, a physician to monitor your health and, if needed, a psychiatrist to provide medication. At times other consultants, family or group therapy, or more intensive treatment (such as residential) may be needed.


Like most relationships, a treatment relationship relies on a good “fit.” Many people find it helpful to contact several providers before making an appointment. Most providers expect to spend a bit of time on the phone with you answering your questions and getting to know your needs. You can expect to be asked your age, the nature of your problem, previous treatment and how you were referred to the provider.


Questions to ask when contacting a treatment provider

  • Do they have experience working with individuals with eating disorders?
  • Will they be able to connect you with an appropriate team of eating disorder professionals to offer you the support you need?
  • What is their treatment approach?
  • What are their fees and policies about insurance and payment?
  • If you are a parent/guardian seeking treatment for a minor, you might want to ask about the family’s involvement in the therapy process.

Above all, be an informed consumer. Make sure you have your questions answered respectfully and that you feel reasonably comfortable with the treatment provider’s response to you.


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