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Name/Practice Name: Karyn Scher


Credentials: PhD, Licensed Psychologist


Office Addresses:
191 Presidential Boulevard, Suite 113

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004


255 S. 17th St., Suite 1601

Phila., Pa. 19103


Telephone: 610-668-9189






Working with people with eating disorders since: 1983



Individual psychotherapy

Couples therapy

Group therapy

Family therapy


Specialties and Populations Served: Dr. Scher has helped people of all ages become more satisfied with their life experience by accessing inner resources and developing more effective relationships with others. As a committed, passionate therapist, she is invested in collaborating with you to become healthier physically and emotionally, more fulfilled in your life and to find the relationships you deserve. 


Treatment approach and additional information: Your goals for change, health, happiness, and better relationships are my goals for you, too! Are you seeking deeper connection, relief from anxiety, depression, or eating disorders? YES, YOU CAN change your patterns of behavior and experience the fulfillment in life and relationships you deserve! Collaborating with you, using practical strategies in the "here and now," combined with understanding long-standing self-sabotaging patterns, will help you to become more fulfilled in your life, more confident within yourself and more at ease within a variety of supportive relationships. With whatever issues you bring to therapy (e.g. eating disorders, body image dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety), I am eager to listen, support, strategize, and help. It touches me deeply to appreciate how people value compassionate, attentive listening as they share their private hopes, vulnerabilities, and spiritual searches.


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