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Everyone deserves treatment. Everyone deserves recovery.

AABA is...dedicated to providing support, resources and advocacy for individuals with eating disorders and for their loved ones. 



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If you have an eating disorder…

  • You may feel alone, as if no one cares or understands
  • You may feel confused about what is happening to you
  • You need more information about eating disorders and treatment
  • You want to find help
  • You need support along with your therapy


If your family member or friend has an eating disorder...

  • You may feel confused and frightened by the behavior and physical changes you see
  • You need more information and guidance
  • You want to know what you can do to help
  • You may want to know if others feel the same way you do


If you are a healthcare professional or educator...

  • You may be searching for reliable information about eating disorders
  • You may need to find therapists, nutritionists, physicians or treatment programs with expertise in the treatment of eating disorders
  • You may need a speaker for your school, community organization, healthcare practice or media event

....AABA is here to help!

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In the News:



AABA welcomes new Support Group Leader, Madeline Gray, LSW.


Although saddened that support group leader, Melissa Harrison, CRNP, is not longer able to continue with the group, the board is thrilled to introduce Madeline Gray, LSW, a therapist who can take over leadership of the group without missing a beat. For more about Madeline, see the support group page. 


Welcome, Madeline!



An impressive fundraiser from an impressive student!


Shyanne Paez, a senior at New Foundations Charter High School, approached AABA with an offer to start a fundraiser. After completing a health project at school, Shyanne was "shocked and deeply affected by the impact bulimia has on people."


Shyanne was motivated to develop a fundraising project of her own. She decided to support efforts to educate and help those struggling with eating disorders through bake sales, T-shirts sales, and candy sales. Along with the items that are sold, customers also receive a fact sheet about bulimia, a periwinkle purple ribbon, and a pin saying "Loving yourself is beautiful." Photos below show the pins, along with candy from the sales. Shyanne's goal is "to educate others on eating disorders, specifically bulimia, and to promote self-acceptance." She has offered to donate all proceeds from this campaign to AABA.


The AABA board are honored that Shyanne chose to designate AABA as recipient for these donations, and are so impressed with her generosity and dedication. We are very grateful for Shyanne's efforts.


Thank you, Shyanne! 



AABA's Mission

The American Anorexia and Bulimia Association is a non-profit organization that is supported by concerned members of the public and healthcare professions. AABA provides support, resources and advocacy for individuals with eating disorders and their loved ones.


Our mission is carried out through the following services:

  • Support: monthly clinician facilitated support groups for individuals with eating disorders and their loved ones.
  • Resources: resource database consisting of area support groups, treatment centers, therapists and nutritionists specializing in the field of eating disorders.
  • Advocacy: we work with area professionals to advocate on behalf of individuals who are in recovery from or diagnosed with an eating disorder.
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AABA is proud to be a network member of the National Eating Disorders Association.

*Please be aware that e-mail messages are checked weekly and that AABA is not available to assist with crises. If you need immediate assistance, please contact 911 or go to your local emergency room for treatment.

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